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The Fletcher Firm promises to bring you the best possible resolution to your DUI case. Click the link above to learn more about what we can do for our clients.

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You have a few different options if you are cited with a traffic ticket. Having an attorney handle your ticket ensures that you have the best chances at desired.

per-injPersonal Injury

Pursuing damages in court for an injury caused by negligence without an experienced attorney can be confusing and frustrating. Learn how The Fletcher Firm

Las Vegas DUI Lawyer and Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Fighting For The Rights of the Injured and Accused in Las Vegas

At the Fletcher Firm, we do things differently. We work smarter. We make the complicated simpler. We go directly to the core of whatever legal issue you may be facing, and we help you arrive at a prompt and proper resolution to that issue. Dedicated to innovation while honoring tradition, we serve the Las Vegas area through a spirit of service to our community and through our diligent work for clients throughout Nevada and California. If you are seeking aggressive legal defense or simply seeking the best available legal advice, the Fletcher Firm is here to serve you. Welcome! We offer a full range of legal services regionally through our Las Vegas office, and we deliver only the highest quality legal work and services to our clients. We strive on a daily basis to be accessible, resourceful, and receptive; to offer personalized attention, sensitive to every client’s unique circumstances; to find sensible and effective solutions; to communicate plainly; and to carry out our mission with absolute honesty, thoroughgoing reliability, and the highest level of professional courtesy. We remain fully focused on our clients’ long-term goals and needs while protecting their legal rights and providing consistent, trustworthy legal counsel and services. The services that we offer are as follows:

Personal Injury

If you have been injured by the fault of someone else, you might be entitled to monetary compensation under the law. If the injury was a result of someone’s negligence, recklessness, or was intentional you may be awarded damages to cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages as well.

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested on a criminal charge don’t wait until you find out just how aggressive and intimidating law enforcement officials can be, call an attorney. You have constitutional rights, even behind bars. The importance of remaining silent cannot be stressed enough. You have the right to remain silent, use it.

Workman’s Compensation

Nevada has very strict worker’s compensation laws. When you are injured on the job you deserve benefits as quickly as possible. You should seek the help of an attorney since there is often a delay in these benefits. Denials, lengthy forms, and red tape tend to complicate matters in a time when you need the money most.

Civil Litigation

If you are involved in litigation or soon will be, you need the help of an attorney who knows their way around the Nevada court rooms and laws. If your case is personal injury, breach of contract, fraud, negligence, or elder abuse you will benefit greatly from someone that is willing to stand up and fight for what you deserve.

Traffic Tickets

When you get a traffic ticket you only have a few choices if you want to fight the ticket or perhaps, even failed to pay it on time. You will be headed to court. Tickets are very costly when you consider the fines, the points, and the increase in your auto insurance rates. Defending yourself in court could mean cross examining a police officer. That could be a little bit more than you bargained for. An experienced attorney can get your costs reduced and many times the case dismissed altogether.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident AttorneyAn Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

If you require courtroom representation, be assured that our trial teams have represented both individual defendants and corporations in a number of complicated trials. No matter what stage of litigation your case is in, our seasoned, resourceful legal team increases your likelihood of victory. We have a documented track record of successfully defending clients and a reputation that is both impeccable and widely-respected. We are the attorneys that you want representing you, and without regard to the circumstances, you are the client we desire to represent.

A Respected Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

Our Las Vegas DUI lawyers, criminal defense attorneys and Las Vegas car accident lawyers combine more a half-century of legal experience to serve our clients. Our goal is to get past legal rhetoric, distractions, and red tape quickly, to the central core of whatever legal issue you’re facing, and to save you from needlessly wasting your time, financial resources, and emotional concerns. We are here today to assist you. Call us for your consultation today at (702) 835-1542 or at (702) 333-6339 or fill out the Free Case Evaluation form, and we will reply to you quickly and completely. If you need legal assistance for any reason whatsoever, we want to speak with you.


An Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

A traffic accident can happen to anyone, and change your life. After a serious accident, you may be dealing with severe long-term injuries, devastating medical expenses, and other genuinely trying personal challenges. If you’ve been injured in a traffic accident, and the other driver was negligent, you are entitled to reimbursement for your medical treatment and related losses. While a negotiated settlement is always preferable in personal injury cases, when negotiations make no progress, you’ll be represented by a legal team with considerable trial experience. The Fletcher Firm has an impressive record of courtroom victories and a reputation for superlative client service and satisfaction.

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A Respected Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

The Fletcher Firm has a remarkable record of success defending clients charged with DUI. We clarify the facts in your case and then consider the best defense strategies. An experienced Las Vegas DUI defense attorney will work tirelessly to defend your rights and to discredit the state’s case against you. We can challenge the reason why you were stopped, the results of any DUI tests, and the testimony of the arresting officer(s). If there is any flaw, error, or weakness in the prosecution’s case, an experienced DUI attorney with the Fletcher Firm will find that flaw and use it to your legal advantage. Our Las Vegas DUI lawyers combine more than a half-century of legal experience to defend our clients. Let us help.

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